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If you have an HTML form on your web page, many times your visitors may hit the 'Enter' key on their keyboard, instead of the 'Tab' key, thinking it will advance them to the next form field. However, the 'Enter' key will actually submit the form. This will cause you to receive incomplete form submissions.

To avoid this problem, you can use a piece of JavaScript within your HTML code that will disable the 'Enter' button within your forms until it is completely filled out.

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  1. function stopRKey(evt) {
  2.     var evt = (evt) ? evt : ((event) ? event : null);
  3.     var node = (evt.target) ? evt.target : ((evt.srcElement) ? evt.srcElement : null);
  4.     if ((evt.keyCode == 13) && (node.type=="text")) {return false;}
  5. }
  7. document.onkeypress = stopRKey;


Added by JC on 14th November 2007


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